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Are you desiring to see your world in the best possible light and enjoy life more fully?

Would you like to access the power and magic of your own creativity?

Do you crave more adventure and freedom?

Hi, I’m Jillian. I believe that I am here to cause a revolution that will inspire and empower others to live a life that is in alignment with their own heart’s truths and desires.

After retiring in May 2019 from being a classroom teacher, I am beginning a new adventure based on my creativity!

 I like seeing my creations at home that I made in Jillian’s workshops. They remind me of my goals and remind me to be the person I want to be.                                              -Allie P. 

Two years ago on my birthday, I got very sick and stayed that way for a long time. Although my illness was devastating, it was also a gift. It forced me to slow down and take stock of my life. It lead me to Intentional Creativity. 

When I felt healed enough in mind, body and spirit, I knew I was meant to share what I learned with others.

Working with Jillian has helped me to become more fearless. It has led me to some wonderful surprises. I cannot wait to see what else is awaiting to be discovered.            – Tara F.

I look forward to using Intentional Creativity, my own life experiences, my love of travel and nature, as well as a little magic and mystery to help guide you in your own healing and awakening journey.

I will be sharing my writing, art, videos and a variety of creative offerings. I invite you to join me on the adventure.

I most definitely would recommend Jillian’s services to anyone! She is an amazing teacher and is very encouraging along the way. Truly inspirational!                               -Patricia C.

Remember to keep showing up and your dream will meet you on the path.


Jillian McGill