Graduation and Moving Forward


I did it!!! I graduated this weekend.

I am now officially a Color of Woman graduate and a certified teacher of Intentional Creativity!!!

I promised myself that the very next day I would go to share my body of work with others in my community. I’ve never done that before and I was shaking in my boots the entire time. Everyone was very kind and supportive though.

I’m over the moon excited to share that I will be the featured artist for the month of December in a local favorite restaurant of mine. My paintings will be exhibited for all to see. Also, the restaurant has agreed that I can set up an area to share about upcoming workshops.

And then… to top of all the magic, a highly regarded Alaskan art gallery located in downtown Anchorage is interested in selling prints and cards of my work!!!!

As it gets closer to the time, I’ll be sure to publish the specifics of where my artwork will be featured.

Yes! Dreams really do come true if one shows up and is willing to do the work.

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