Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic

Dear Ones,
Do you find it challenging to allow time to nurture yourself?
To do something just for you?
I did.
There was always something more important to do.
My inner critic never let up and my Muse never got a chance to come out and play.
Until two years ago when….my teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the founder of the Intentional Creativity movement, showed up in my life.
Shiloh helped me to move past limiting beliefs, to experience magical moments while accessing my creativity where my curiosity, creative, playful self, was let loose.
Now my inner critic has become more of an ally and my Muse regularly comes out to play.
If this sounds delicious to you too,
I invite you to a free online mini-workshop with Shiloh on Saturday, January 26th.
You’ll discover a powerful tool to make your inner critic become your ally,
Discover where the Muse hides,
Learn how to listen to your Muse and hear what she’s been waiting to tell you,
Participate in experiential practices to awaken your self-expression and more!
If you are unable to attend, please still register and a free recording will be emailed to you as soon as it becomes available.
Reserve your free spot and learn more: ​


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