The End of an Era


This week is my last week as a classroom teacher before retiring. I have LOVED my job, the children and families I have served and the life experiences I was privileged to have. I am deeply grateful.

The photo is of the Celebration Tree I worked on with my community to honor our school. It is closing this year due to reduced funding and the fact that it’s one of the smallest schools. Each leaf has a name written on it (student, former student, staff, volunteer) whose life was touched by our school. Also on each person’s leaf are the years they were at our school and where they are in the world now. We have a leaf dating as early as 1963 and many parts of the world are represented. It will be unveiled tomorrow, Monday, May 20th, 2019, at a huge community celebration and then installed at our main district office on Thursday. I’m super proud of this project.

I’m excited to be able to soon share a new chapter in which I answer the call to adventure traveling in my RV. It’s a journey my heart, body, and soul assure me I am meant to take.

Something is waiting for me. I’m not so sure what it is. I don’t want to miss out. I am ready to live life in a new way.

Perhaps it’s the opportunity to explore the wild and free places within. Perhaps it’s the chance to experience the landscapes and people of our country. Perhaps it’s the quest to find and help nurture my tribe of beloved clients. Perhaps it’s in the mystery. Perhaps it’s all of these and so much more.

This I do know.

At this time, it is my destiny to walk the path of the creative healer. Through my work with Intentional Creativity, I have healed enough. I have a medicine bag overflowing with juicy, helpful tools. I’ve experienced first hand the healing power creativity, nature and travel provide. I firmly believe it is is the right of all beings to live the freedoms of their own choosing and to feel ALIVE. I hear my beloveds calling.

Let the adventure begin! Aho!