Calling in Celebration

Celebrating accomplishments,

my own that is,

has never been my style.

Looking towards the next task,

next goal,

next item on my to-do list


Pushing my way through

the hard stuff

usually no matter the cost


And still is 


Today I’m leaning into 

the uncomfortable push and pull 

between getting things done 

as a rookie entrepreneur 

and creating time to 



And BE. 

When things get hard 

I’m learning 

celebrating can be key. 

Celebrating gives me,

motivation to try,

courage to go on,

energy to do the next thing,



Today I’m celebrating. 

I’m celebrating that I’m almost

ready to launch a new offering. 

That raising my voice this week 

led to exciting new opportunities. 

That I didn’t give up. 

I’m wondering, 

what in your life, 

big or small,

is calling you 

to celebrate?

Even if just for a moment?

So, what will I be doing 

to celebrate?

Giving voice to it here 

feels like a celebration. 

Visiting a museum I’ve always

dreamed of does too. 

So does 

chatting on the phone 

with my daughter,

taking a hike in nature 

with my furry friend, Genevieve,

reading a few more chapters 

in my Harry Potter book. 

And I could go on…

There are so many ways 

to celebrate. 

I hope you choose to celebrate too.

Facing Fear with Fabio

Horses have never been my thing. 

No one who knows me knows that. 

While I was in the Great Smoky Mountains I leaned into the fear. 

Turns out horses are pretty cool. My horse, Fabio, especially. 

And, horseback riding is an exciting way to enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature. 

You know, fear can hold us back from truly living. 

I’m learning that accepting and facing fear is an opportunity for growth. 

Fear can be a power for good. 

I felt so empowered when I knew I wasn’t afraid anymore. 

I never expected to enjoy the ride. 

My fear will never disappear completely, but facing it has helped me manage it. 

It was worth the risk and has given me a superpower I can use in other areas of my life. 

I wonder, is there a fear you’re ready to move through?