Jillianand Drum


Jillian makes her home in Eagle River, Alaska. She has worked as a public educator for the last 25 years teaching 3rd-6th graders. She has earned multiple nominations for British Petroleum’s Teacher of Excellence Award being recognized as a creative, innovative and much loved member of her community. Living in Alaska has opened her eyes to the beauty of Mother Nature and new possibilities for her creativity. She has led several art workshops for children, families and women, helping them to realize the power of their own creativity and personal freedom. 

Jillian is a certified Intentional Creativity and Cosmic Smash Book teacher, as well as a member of the Intentional Creatives Guild, an international organization that is focused on creating with intention and helping to make a positive impact in today’s world through education, research and community building.

Jillian has created a body of work that is influenced by the Intentional Creativity Method, her Muse and the Divine Feminine. Several of her paintings are currently being featured in an Alaskan art gallery. She recently completed a community tree mural project to honor all the lives touched by the school she worked at and loved so much. It is now installed at the Anchorage School District’s main office.

Jillian retired from being a public educator this school year, 2019. Beginning this summer, she set out on the road to travel full-time in her RV exploring “The Lower 48” and building her Wild You! Art business. She looks forward to sharing her adventures, art work, and to offering in-person and online creative retreats and workshops.