Calling in Celebration

Celebrating accomplishments,

my own that is,

has never been my style.

Looking towards the next task,

next goal,

next item on my to-do list


Pushing my way through

the hard stuff

usually no matter the cost


And still is 


Today I’m leaning into 

the uncomfortable push and pull 

between getting things done 

as a rookie entrepreneur 

and creating time to 



And BE. 

When things get hard 

I’m learning 

celebrating can be key. 

Celebrating gives me,

motivation to try,

courage to go on,

energy to do the next thing,



Today I’m celebrating. 

I’m celebrating that I’m almost

ready to launch a new offering. 

That raising my voice this week 

led to exciting new opportunities. 

That I didn’t give up. 

I’m wondering, 

what in your life, 

big or small,

is calling you 

to celebrate?

Even if just for a moment?

So, what will I be doing 

to celebrate?

Giving voice to it here 

feels like a celebration. 

Visiting a museum I’ve always

dreamed of does too. 

So does 

chatting on the phone 

with my daughter,

taking a hike in nature 

with my furry friend, Genevieve,

reading a few more chapters 

in my Harry Potter book. 

And I could go on…

There are so many ways 

to celebrate. 

I hope you choose to celebrate too.

Facing Fear with Fabio

Horses have never been my thing. 

No one who knows me knows that. 

While I was in the Great Smoky Mountains I leaned into the fear. 

Turns out horses are pretty cool. My horse, Fabio, especially. 

And, horseback riding is an exciting way to enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature. 

You know, fear can hold us back from truly living. 

I’m learning that accepting and facing fear is an opportunity for growth. 

Fear can be a power for good. 

I felt so empowered when I knew I wasn’t afraid anymore. 

I never expected to enjoy the ride. 

My fear will never disappear completely, but facing it has helped me manage it. 

It was worth the risk and has given me a superpower I can use in other areas of my life. 

I wonder, is there a fear you’re ready to move through?

Hemi Dreams and No Regrets

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.- Oprah Winfrey


The keys felt heavy and empowering in my hand.

They belonged to me.

A life-long childhood dream was one step closer to becoming my reality.  

Calista Rose would be her name. 

I had always loved that name and saved it for now.


Calista’s curves looked sleek and smooth. 

Her 5.7 L Hemi would be more than enough to pull my little trailer, Phoenix, 

through the highest mountain ranges and into the deepest valleys. 


I recently read about a study that asked the elderly what they regretted most 

as they neared the end of their lives. 

The highest percentage regretted not living a life that was true to themselves.  

Instead, they had lived their lives according to what others had expected of them.


That stuck.

I could relate. 


I decided that would not be me. 

All was good in my life and I was grateful. But, something was missing. 

Actually, quite a few somethings were missing. 

Nearing the age of retirement compounded this feeling. 

I had to do something and I had to do it now.

My time for putting things off was close to an end. 

None of us knows if there will be a tomorrow. 

None of us. 

Really, all we have is today.


This became my call to action.

It was time for change, for dreams, for no regrets.

I talked with my husband and thankfully he was on board. 

How lucky I am to have such a good and understanding man. 

I submitted the paperwork and several weeks later packed my classroom, 

said final goodbyes, and tearfully drove away into a new life.


I pose to you this question dear reader. 

If you were truly you,

who would you be, 

with no regrets?


I’ve been thinking a lot about that question. 

For me, I feel that I have lived numerous lives inside this one lifetime. 

And through it all, I have tried to be everything to everyone,

and yes,

I did usually live the life that was expected of me. 


For this next chapter I am choosing to truly be me.  

No regrets.

Just me. 

So who is that? Just me? 

I’m currently working on that. 

For now, I know I’m a traveler, a dreamer, an artist, a writer,

an adventurer, an entrepreneur and yes, still a teacher. 

But, in a different way. A way that fills me up more

and where I get to say how my life goes. 


My first adventure will be finding freedom and 

building my Wild You! Art business. 

I’m traveling for a year throughout 

Canada and the United States. 

Calista Rose and Phoenix are coming. 

So is my papillon Genevieve. And, 

if you’re interested, you can come too.

Journey along with me. We’ll go on adventures 

in new landscapes, connect with new people, 

visit old friends, tap into our creativity, 

explore new ways of being, 

find inspiration, and push our limits. 

We’ll venture outside our comfort zone 

and into our true selves. 

Won’t you join me? 

Please drop me a line 

to let me know you’re interested 

and in the next few weeks, I’ll share

how you can come along. 


-Much Love,

Jillian McGill

The End of an Era


This week is my last week as a classroom teacher before retiring. I have LOVED my job, the children and families I have served and the life experiences I was privileged to have. I am deeply grateful.

The photo is of the Celebration Tree I worked on with my community to honor our school. It is closing this year due to reduced funding and the fact that it’s one of the smallest schools. Each leaf has a name written on it (student, former student, staff, volunteer) whose life was touched by our school. Also on each person’s leaf are the years they were at our school and where they are in the world now. We have a leaf dating as early as 1963 and many parts of the world are represented. It will be unveiled tomorrow, Monday, May 20th, 2019, at a huge community celebration and then installed at our main district office on Thursday. I’m super proud of this project.

I’m excited to be able to soon share a new chapter in which I answer the call to adventure traveling in my RV. It’s a journey my heart, body, and soul assure me I am meant to take.

Something is waiting for me. I’m not so sure what it is. I don’t want to miss out. I am ready to live life in a new way.

Perhaps it’s the opportunity to explore the wild and free places within. Perhaps it’s the chance to experience the landscapes and people of our country. Perhaps it’s the quest to find and help nurture my tribe of beloved clients. Perhaps it’s in the mystery. Perhaps it’s all of these and so much more.

This I do know.

At this time, it is my destiny to walk the path of the creative healer. Through my work with Intentional Creativity, I have healed enough. I have a medicine bag overflowing with juicy, helpful tools. I’ve experienced first hand the healing power creativity, nature and travel provide. I firmly believe it is is the right of all beings to live the freedoms of their own choosing and to feel ALIVE. I hear my beloveds calling.

Let the adventure begin! Aho!


Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic

Dear Ones,
Do you find it challenging to allow time to nurture yourself?
To do something just for you?
I did.
There was always something more important to do.
My inner critic never let up and my Muse never got a chance to come out and play.
Until two years ago when….my teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the founder of the Intentional Creativity movement, showed up in my life.
Shiloh helped me to move past limiting beliefs, to experience magical moments while accessing my creativity where my curiosity, creative, playful self, was let loose.
Now my inner critic has become more of an ally and my Muse regularly comes out to play.
If this sounds delicious to you too,
I invite you to a free online mini-workshop with Shiloh on Saturday, January 26th.
You’ll discover a powerful tool to make your inner critic become your ally,
Discover where the Muse hides,
Learn how to listen to your Muse and hear what she’s been waiting to tell you,
Participate in experiential practices to awaken your self-expression and more!
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