Come Out & Play Adventures

Unleash Your Inner Child;

Connect, Embrace & Celebrate

Give yourself or someone you know the gift of fun and adventure!

Would you like to learn more about what makes you happy and brings you joy?

Do you long to experience more excitement, magic and wonder in your life? 

Would you like to love every day and look forward to what each brings?

Does your inner child call for you to come out and play?

Have you been wishing you could awaken and nurture your creativity?

Does taking a virtual journey from the comfort of your own home and in your own time sound like a perfect fit for your life at this time?

Come Out & Play Adventures will help you to reconnect with your inner child and bring the fun and joy back into your life.

You will discover how to develop a gentle, loving relationship with your inner child.

Your inner child has so much more of an influence on your adult life than you could ever imagine.

Although living in your subconscious mind, your inner child is still a conscious part of you.

See yourself engaging in and being captivated by destinations that spark your sense of curiosity and wonder.

Imagine the feeling of freedom and joy you’ll experience as we dive into a guided imagery journey perhaps down a woodland path, or hair flying atop a magic carpet, heart smiling in a secret garden, eyes sparkling after finding a hidden cave.

Guided imagery is a gentle but powerful mindful process that uses visualization, imagination and involves all the senses to bring awareness to the mind-body connection. 

It’s also a wonderful way to connect with your inner child, access their wisdom and power, as well as have fun and relieve stress.

Picture what it would be like to finally let go and begin to live the life you truly desire.

Naturally imaginative, your inner child will help you easily access this healing process of relaxing into a vivid story.

You’re invited! Give yourself or someone you know the gift of Adventure!

This is for you if…

You enjoy having fun and reconnecting with your inner child self.

You have always wanted to tap into your creativity and don’t know where to start, or you’re looking for new and different ways to engage with your creativity.

You want to feel more alive, more inspired, more happy, more joyful, and more free.

You’d like to gain access to your own internal wisdom and potential so that you can begin to truly live the life you desire.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

You’ll receive an introductory video to help you create a Cosmic Smash Book, a unique artist’s journal, that you’ll use throughout our journey. No art experience necessary. 

Every week you’ll get a Come Out & Play Adventures Pre-Recorded Video. Each time we’ll visit a new and inspiring place with our inner child through the use of a guided imagery journey. Then, you’ll create in your Cosmic Smash Book alongside me to process and reflect. These sessions are 50-60 minutes long.

1x per week you’ll have the opportunity to meet virtually in person to connect, share, and reflect. This is our time to be together in sisterhood, to come as you are right where you are.

When: Beginning Friday, January 15th, 2021 for 4 weeks

Be sure to take advantage of the current New Year Special of $97! 


Meet your guide…

 Hi, I’m Jillian and I’m passionate about helping women explore and embrace their authentic selves so they can live a life they truly desire. I love teaching online and in person workshops and retreats.

I am a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and a Cosmic Smash Book Coach. Also, several of my paintings are currently featured in a prominent Alaskan art gallery.

I retired in 2019 after a 25 year career as a classroom teacher. Although I call Alaska home, you can find me traveling in my RV with my papillon, Genevieve, exploring the Lower 48 and building my Wild You! Art business.

Come Out & Play Adventures

Starting January 15th, 2021,

for 4 weeks

* guided visionings

*Cosmic Smashbook Sessions

* access to pop-up play dates

* private Facebook Group

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