Yes! Yes! Yes! I would recommend Jillian’s services. Working with Jillian has given me more confidence in putting my ideas out into the universe and feeling like they will be answered. I like seeing my creations at home that I made in her workshops.They remind me of my goals and remind me to be the person I want to be. I appreciate her calm, kind, reassuring spirit that is infectious! I am looking forward to seeing where her adventures take her and I’m excited other people will get to meet her and have her be woven into their lives too! -Allie Paskin



TaraWorking with Jillian has helped me to become more fearless. Stepping outside my comfort zone has led me to some wonderful surprises. Yay! I cannot wait to see what else is awaiting to be discovered.

I painted for the first time in one of Jillian’s workshops. I was concerned and nervous about how it would turn out but learned that I really enjoy painting! It’s very relaxing. I didn’t know what I was missing. I have already recommended Jillian’s services to my neighbor. She is a warrior and is all about strength and growth from within. Whether a first time painter or a pro, Jillian welcomes all. -Tara Fewkes



PatriciaI have loved attending Jillian’s workshops and appreciate how free and creative I can be. She has helped me to release negativity and fear. Everyone is battling something in their life whether it be a fear, sickness, self doubt, etc. I truly feel that Jillian’s workshops and guidance aid in healing and gives hope. 

The women I have had the pleasure of being around during Jillian’s workshops has been the best. Getting to know them and their stories is a true honor in itself. I most definitely would recommend Jillian’s services to anyone! She is an amazing teacher and is very encouraging along the way. Truly inspirational! She’s achieving great things and I’m so honored to know her. -Patricia Collins



 Jillian was a joy to work with. She was very thoughtful with everyone’s needs and was really easy to work with. She gave us all the hints we needed to do both projects in a very clear and concise way. Both classes were extremely well presented. I thoroughly enjoyed them. It was great fun and provided curious insights into my life so far!          -Elizabeth Rome




Jillian was very easy to work and connect with. She was constantly helpful over the course of the two days we spent together. Her class was very comfortable for someone who is not already well versed in the visual arts. Also, the class was good for anyone seeking to explore his or her dormant or undernourished creative center. I certainly would recommend Jillian. I had a lovely experience in a class that was good for my soul in a way that I hope to continue to build upon in the future. -Susan Davis


***Prepare for a LIFE CHANGING experience!!! Whatever you think the workshops will be about…it’s not! It’s BETTER!! Jillian has such a sweet disposition and a positive way about her! I know she was destined to inspire me and encourage me to prepare for this stage of life! I’m forever grateful for her willingness to teach, share and empower people to be uniquely themselves!  There is such a difference within me- I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but she’s changed my life! I’m a stronger, more self-confident individual because of her! I MISS HER WORKSHOPS!! I didn’t want them to end!! It would be wonderful to have daily, if not weekly prompts or ‘gathering’ opportunities online!! Just to reconnect and inspire continual growth! It was truly a blessing to meet Jillian!  -Wendy C.